The Darkroom Project is a group of local photographers who love the look and feel of the film tradition, and luckily, has been given access to the historic Roy Studio darkroom in downtown Peterborough; Canada’s longest continuously operating darkroom (1856-2010). We want to revive the historic darkroom, continue to operate it, and make it a world-class centre for the production of handmade images.

Thanks to all of our generous contributors to The Darkroom Project Indiegogo campaign:

Robert Cruickshank, Hanah McFarlane, Micky Renders, Jason Wallwork, Jen Thomas, Lori Feist, Marian Collins, Tamara Kalnins, Mary Riehle, Charlette Fennell, Ada Chevrier, Melodie McCullough, Megan Cherniak, Peter Knierim, John Rose, Ursula Pflug, Bryan McKellar, John Berner, Andrew Hermant, Deb Reynolds, Ashley Campbell, Ian Couper, Dianne Latchford, Susan Newman, Lily J. Mills, Caren Adams, Mark Woolley, Holly Bennet, Mary Gordon, Jeff Macklin, Karen Schucher, Joan Campbell, John Groves, Ralph Colley, Bev Peever, Jessica Melnik, Kath Lucas, Sue Everest, Bill Kimball, Don & Ruby Muir, Katie Hermant, Kate Story, Gail Nicholson, and several anonymous donations.